Motivation can be one of the biggest challenges a leader faces. As a leader, your ability to motivate and engage your employees plays a direct role in their success and the overall success of the company. Leading by example and practicing motivational leadership will be the key to this achievement.

One of the ways to effectively lead by is example is to know the things you want out of your employees and act that way yourself. A few great starting points are:

Be accountable

Show your employees what it’s like to be accountable for your actions. If you make a poor decision, own up to it and move on from it. By doing so, you set the bar for what happens when mistakes are made. Mistakes happen and if you hold yourself accountable then you can often times quickly rebound from them.

Be proactive

Being a proactive leader breeds proactive employees and habits. You can project this quality by always being the first to jump in and lead and/or assist where needed. Check in with your employees to see how processes can be made more efficient and listen attentively to their feedback. Taking proactive initiatives will open the door for your employees to follow suit.

Act like an owner

As a leader, you may not necessarily be the owner, but you should still act like one. Take ownership and pride in where you work. Exuding that kind of enthusiasm will be the spark your employees need to also take an extreme amount of pride in their work and employer.

Increasing Motivation

Now that you’re leading by example – how do you turn that into motivation? Use your position of power to lift up employees and boost office morale. Are you taking the time to listen to the concerns of your employees? Listening and implementing change based on real employee issues will have a profound effect. If everyone feels like they are being heard, they will be motivated to work harder.

Additionally, you want to praise your employees! If they do an excellent job, it must not go unnoticed. Even a small token of appreciation can go a long way. Your employees will continue to work hard if they know you appreciate their work and the heavy lifting that goes into doing it.

Being a leader is difficult, but if you take the right steps to lead by example and motivate your employees, you make the job much easier. Your employees will be satisfied and the overall quality of work will be exemplary.