Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a corporation’s commitment to the social and environmental issues at large. Large corporations are extremely powerful entities that leave a significant impact in their wake. Whether that impact is positive or negative all depends on the actions of the company. CSR is a company’s moral compass, it’s how they react to all situations, and it is their duty to leave the world a better place than they found it.

Corporate benefits

There are many positive reactions to implementing a CSR plan. For starters, you simply attract more customers. Today’s consumers are much more socially conscious. They like to purchase from companies who are using their position to impact change on the world. Being a socially responsible corporation solidifies your brand and creates stronger overall brand loyalty. In knowing that a corporate entity is using their power to positively affect the planet and their communities, consumers will come back time and time again.

Social benefits

People and the planet benefit the most from CSR policies. To start, most companies with a CSR policy have happier employees and customers. Additionally, wherever your company decides to focus its efforts, be it for a social justice issue or towards advancing a particular area of medicine, people’s lives are changed for the better. The planet also benefits from CSR policies. Many corporations implement environmental initiatives. They come in the form of striving to become more sustainable as a company overall, but also volunteering for environmental causes.

How do you get involved?

Your corporation more than likely has CSR policies in place, but if they do not, there are a few things you can do to get started. Building out a committee to take responsibility for future CSR policies is the first step. Identify employees who are driven and are passionate about bringing about real change. Then, start with the things you can directly have an impact on like a green energy commitment, implementing sustainability initiatives, and improving systems already in place. Then, think outside the company to focus on some causes that will benefit from the funding or manpower you have to offer.

Many corporations do some pro bono work each year as part of their CSR policy. In doing pro bono work you’ll have a direct impact on a person or community using what you already have on hand. It’s a simple act that will have lasting effects. Other companies develop their very own social programs to benefit the community in which they are located. What better way to give back to the community surrounding you, then spending the time, money, and effort on making the community better?