Breaking into leadership is not something everyone craves or desires. It takes a special kind of person who can wear many hats at once to get the job done. All leaders have different styles, come from different backgrounds, and have different skill sets. There are, however, certain traits found in all successful leaders. How do you stack up?


In order to be successful leader, you need to know how to communicate. Communication is the keystone of leadership. Throughout your career you will have to speak with clients, employees, bosses and everyone in between. Without communication your ideas get lost in the shuffle and your team has no direction. All great leaders can effectively communicate their ideas to the world at large.


Leadership is also defined by fierce dedication. They are going to be good times and bad times, but your dedication to both employees and the company are essential. Dedication also shows your belief in what the company is doing and what your employees are doing. Dedicated leadership sets the precedent for everyone else. If you can’t get behind the company, why would they?


Integrity is about staying the course and doing what’s right. Sometimes it could be easier to take shortcuts to get ahead, but is that the message you want to send to your employees? Leaders need to lead by example. Being authentic builds trust inside and outside the company. It also builds up a company culture that retains and attracts qualified, talented employees.


Empowerment can sometimes be the hardest part of leadership. It takes a special kind of person to see talent and potential in someone else, especially when they don’t see it themselves. Once you’ve done that, you then are slated with the task of inspiring them to build upon their strengths to add value to the company. Successful empowerment increases employee confidence, quality of work, and the reputation of your company. Your belief and encouragement in the workforce will spark growth and create a better future for business and people you lead.


As a leader you’ll be tasked with solving big problems and coming up with innovative ideas. It takes a great deal of creativity to make both of those things happen. You need to be able to think outside the box, shake things up, and do things people said were impossible. The creative touch can be the difference between success and failure. What side do you want to be on?


Your passion will push you forward and keep you going, especially on tough days. It’s what drives excitement through your entire workforce. Your passion is part of what brought you into leadership and it will be vital to your success. People who are passionate have an easier time explaining ideas, teaching new skills, and achieving lofty goals. Passion is the foundation of success, without it everything else falls apart.