GREG SHNERER is a highly-skilled professional with a broad array of competencies that solidify him as an invaluable member of an executive leadership team.

His professional success derives from an in-depth understanding of various topics relevant to his chosen field. An expert in sales, marketing, and finance, Greg employs his comprehensive knowledgebase and robust leadership skills to develop the critical strategies responsible for driving sales, increasing profit and market shares, and improving client service within his company. He is dedicated to his goals and remains unwavering in his attempts to achieve progress.

Greg Shnerer is a results-oriented leader with infectious levels of ambition and energy and more than a decade of experience in the transportation, logistics and supply chain management industries. It is this diverse background that prompted his avid interest in sustainability. Greg fully comprehends the vital roles that sustainability and, subsequently, corporate social responsibility play in a modern business environment.  With a keen eye for the bottom line and a tendency to pontificate over visionary concepts, Shnerer is particularly enthusiastic about innovation and its potential to transform the way business is transacted locally, nationally, and globally.

At present, the incorporation of sustainability and corporate social responsibility is a critical aspect of Greg Shnerer’s role as Vice President of Corporate Strategy at TRAFFIX. It is with these concepts in mind that he plans and executes strategic initiatives designed to position his company as a clear leader in a competitive market. To assist in his quest for corporate sustainable excellence, Greg draws on his impressive professional and educational backgrounds.

He accepted a position as a Road Operations Supervisor immediately following his graduation from the University of Western Ontario in 2007. A Bachelor’s in Management and Organizational Studies with concentrations in Business Management, Finance, and Accounting helped prepare Greg Shnerer for a daunting list of responsibilities that would include the oversight of more than 700 drivers and network-wide road operations.

From here, Greg worked hard for the many promotions he would receive over the next 11 years. As National Account Manager, he established a new Inside Sales team, mentored new account managers, and governed the implementation of new Customer Resource Management (CRM) software. Later, he would formulate concise sales and marketing objectives while simultaneously supporting junior and senior sales teams as Director of Regional Sales and New Business Development. In both positions, Greg Shnerer strived to improve the customer experience while protecting the company’s financial longevity.

Finally, in 2016, Greg Shnerer accepted a position as Vice President of Sales and Marketing at a leading, asset-based logistics and supply chain solutions company. He instantly excelled at assessing supply chain needs and crafting tailored solutions for high-level proposals designed to benefit his clients. In just two short years, he’d earn his current title. Today, Greg works to implement powerful, sustainable strategies across Canada, Mexico, and the United States.

When he’s not working to boost TRAFFIX to the next level of corporate success, Shnerer actively assists in recruiting and retaining quality employees, volunteering on various boards, and mentoring those in pursuit of their Logistics Professional certifications (CCLP)