Giving is made easy thanks to intuitive modern day apps for smartphones. When thinking of giving to charity or good causes as a philanthropist, most associate this with offering larger sums of money. Although having technically allows you to give more, it does not mean that small amounts of gratuity aren’t equally appreciated. Even a dollar can go a long way with some charities and causes. Best of all, donations are tax deductible! Nothing in life is free, and these apps all take a percentage of the amount donated as profit and for continued support of the app itself (developers, marketing, support, accounting, etc.).

Online communities can come together to give together with these basic apps:


Their slogan is “Micro Donations/Macro Impact” and it jives with the concept of giving any amount, anytime, anywhere.  This app goes even further to incorporate a challenge to give something up or do something different that will allow you to save “x” amount of money per day/week/month and use that to donate. It reminds me of the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS to promote awareness. You can take upon these challenges on your own or with friends and colleagues to save collectively.

I Can Go Without

The name speaks for itself and uses a concept almost identical to Instead. Their idea is that you can save money on purchasing 1 less coffee per week and donating that money instead. Although this isn’t technically saving nor should it be used as such, you get to give to a good cause with minor sacrificing and no additional financial planning required.

Charity Miles

The first time I read about this, the concept really intrigued me.  You literally help raise money for charities by being active. It apparently tracks miles walked, ran and biked, and allocates a certain amount of cents per mile for each activity. There are no financial commitments on your part and this app offers the best of both worlds – motivation to stay active and free money given for a good cause.

Donate a Photo

This app has been created in partnership and is sponsored by Johnson & Johnson.  The app has more than doubled the amount of people and causes it has helped since its creation in 2013. They created numerous categories for good causes and then sub categories for donating a photo and the type of foundation or person(s) it will assist. They set a limit as to how many photo’s need to be donated in order to support that cause. This is yet another unique concept that does not require direct financial contribution and is an easy way for people from all walks of life to donate.