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The Children Are Our Future- Passing Down Philanthropy

With news of mass shootings, natural disasters, hate crimes, and terrorist attacks clogging up the media, the world may not seem like the greatest place to raise a child. How are you supposed to instill positive values in children when violence is all around them? It may seem futile to teach your children to care […]

Philanthropy on the Go

Giving is made easy thanks to intuitive modern day apps for smartphones. When thinking of giving to charity or good causes as a philanthropist, most associate this with offering larger sums of money. Although having technically allows you to give more, it does not mean that small amounts of gratuity aren’t equally appreciated. Even a […]

Greg Shnerer- Philanthropy in the Modern Age

Philanthropy in the Modern Age: Social Media as a Vehicle of Giving

Social media has shaken up a lot of things in its relatively short history. For anyone with access to the internet, there’s virtually no corner of our lives untouched by its all-consuming power. Areas that traditionally operated independently of social media and the internet, such as sales, marketing, travel, entertainment, and even philanthropy have been […]

Philanthropy: How to Do the Most Good

Most people do not put a ton of thought into giving to charity. All it takes to be a philanthropist is to write a check and you’ve done your part – right? Well, not exactly. In order to get the most bang for your buck, you have to start giving smarter. Keep reading for tips […]

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