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Greg Shnerer Corporate Social Responsibility

Trends in Corporate Social Responsibility

Successful companies of today are focusing their attention, and investments back on their employees, their communities, and their customers. This past year has been full of change in the way corporations advance and address issues in the workplace. Here are some of the trends of corporate social responsibility we can look forward to seeing over […]

Greg Shnerer - How to Become a More Sustainable Company

How to Become a More Sustainable Company

If you’re looking for additional ways to make your company stand out from growing competition, consider becoming more environmentally friendly. We know that we should aim to be more green-conscious, but we are often clouded by the idea that it would be too expensive or difficult to achieve. Think again. Here are some simple ways […]

Greg Shnerer sustainability in the office

Easy Ways to Implement Sustainability in the Office

Workplace sustainability is so important for businesses, yet is often neglected in favor of other considerations deemed more pressing. Most people associate sustainability with being environmentally-friendly, and while that is a big part of it, it is about more than that. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, “The term ‘sustainable business practices’ generally […]

What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a corporation’s commitment to the social and environmental issues at large. Large corporations are extremely powerful entities that leave a significant impact in their wake. Whether that impact is positive or negative all depends on the actions of the company. CSR is a company’s moral compass, it’s how they react […]

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